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Chain Breaker Men's Group

Join a small group of men forming an environment of brotherhood & accountability to grow into

uncommon men, husbands & fathers.

How the groups work:

  • weekly 90 minute calls

  • guaranteed small group (max 10)

  • group chat

  • structure & processes to dig deeper inside yourself

  • consistent opportunities to share current struggles

  • brotherhood of support & encouragement

  • accountability from other men who care about you

  • clear action steps to move you forward

  • access to Locke between calls

Apply For Men's Group

Fill out the form & book a call to see if you're a good fit for one of the men's groups.

Trouble shoot, get some outside perspective on what you're struggling with and learn more about the Men's Groups...

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does the group last?

It depends. There is a 6 month curriculum/ list of topics, so look at it as at least a 6 month commitment. But most men would find benefit in repeating back through the 6 months and going deeper & deeper each time. This is not a one-and-done process; it never ends. And our need for brotherhood & accountability never goes away.

How do I know I'm a good fit for the group?

The requirement for "fitting in" is being a guy who's looking to become better as a man, husband & father. A guy who will benefit from & contribute to the brotherhood & accountability. Obviously there will be different personalities that click differently, but anyone who is going to show up for his brothers & who will allow them to show up for him is going to be accepted & welcomed.

How do I know I can trust the guys in the group?

To a certain extent, you can't. I won't lie... But that's part of this process: putting yourself out there, outside of your comfort & trust zone. Every guy that comes into this group goes through an application & screening process to ensure that they're serious about doing the work. That being said, we all need a push sometimes & the guys within the group set the tone for holding each other accountable. Don't want to be held accountable by other men? Don't join the group.

Why you?

I've been through it. And I'm still going through it now. I've been at rock bottom. I've broken myself.  And I've spent years putting myself back together again & helping others do the same. Everything that I know works, I know from having screwed it up first. I have hard-earned experience of the truth that you can fall into a hole, but you can't fall out of one. You have to climb out. And you can't do it alone.  My journey is evidence that you can't do it alone. Lone wolves die or go back to the pack.

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