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About the Show

Insights and interviews to help you blaze your own trail through a world designed for conformity, and to break the chains holding you back from living an uncommon life.


From gender roles and family conditioning, to societal expectations and self-sabotage, there are many more chains holding you back than you may realize. These chains affect many areas of our lives, including our Relationships, Parenting, Health, Spirituality, and Healing.


Welcome to Trail Blazers and Chain Breakers, where we are focused on breaking free from "normal" and living an uncommon life.

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We're Ashley and Locke Haman.  We're married, run a business together and homeschool our 4 kids... which might make us a little crazy! 

But through all that crazy, we're here to help you self-educate and pursue an uncommon life.  For those of you who find that the "new normal" is not enough, you're in the right place! 

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